Here at The Nelhen Company, we have a solution for you. We ask do you have under or over 5,000.00 in bad debt that’s affecting your credit?

Unlike most credit repair companies we teach you how to live with your personal credit at a higher 700’s to 800’s number for life after we go thru the pinpoint system we have not created but only a few use to knock off that bad debt with good debt. The best part about it is? It’s not out of your pocket directly. See we at The Nelhen Company believe that every household should have at minimum one LLC or Business entity.


We teach our clients who already have a business established how to make the company fund-able. This makes this company legit in the United States. We teach our clients to look at their company as a child. Just as your kid has his or her own social number so does your company. Just as your kid can go get credit cards, loans, utilities, ect so could your company.

Your Company social is a lot different from your Personal social. We teach you how to build the business credit Separately from your Personal so BAD CREDIT DOESN’T MATTER!!!


After the process of Personal and Business Credit, we show you how to clear all personal debt while living thru the Business. We teach creative ways to get capital for any project or idea or property you have. We teach other investing avenues such as start-ups to already existing companies, to buying homes, fix and flip, rent, wholesale, owner financing. We invest in every aspect of moving the flow of money in the right direction. We teach to raise capital with the company, invest money into assets to pay back both lenders and company launching you into financial freedom. This company 100% teaches Leverage.

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